The Ultimate Christmas Wishlist-10 Toys Your Kids Will Actually Still Be Playing With By Next Christmas!

My husband and I have six kids ages 9 and under and we have done A LOT of trial and error when it comes to toys. I wanted to compose the ULTIMATE CHRISTMAS LIST so that I could go back to it often and wanted to share it with you too! After going through many different ideas of what I THOUGHT my kids would play with I think I have figured out what they will actually play with EVER DAY and still be playing with by the time the next Christmas morning rolls around. AND, extra bonus, this list does not have one toy in it that requires batteries! 🙂 

We don’t do much television (we let our kids watch some programs through PBS kids or certain monitored shows when we go over the sermon and the little ones watch some “abc shows, but that’s it) and so having stuff for our kids will actually play with is SUPER important….especially since we homeschool and spend almost all of our time at home. For this reason Scott and I have found it worth our money to invest in some good toys. These are the ten things we have chosen to invest in. By simplifying it down to these ten I think we save A LOT of money and frustration! 

Please send this on to grandparents and other family that need a Christmas wishlist from you! This post should also be saved for Birthday gift ideas! If you do share it be sure to contact me and I will enter you in a drawing to win a free signed copy of my husband Scott’s book, Marriage God’s Way!

Here’s the Ultimate Christmas Wishlist:

  1. Legos for the boys (and girls)
  2. Nerf guns for the boys
  3. dolls for the girls
  4. Dress up
  5. art stuff
  6. fort building sets
  7. games 
  8. books
  9. Christian audio stories
  10. Outdoor Stuff

1) It’s no secret. LEGOS ARE THE BEST! I had many people warn me against them 🙂 “They’re messy” “They hurt like you wouldn’t believe when you step on them” “You will find them all over the house”. Those are all true. But the amount of time my kids spend playing them makes it more than worth it! Here are some of our favorites:

Johnny age 6 on the left and Ricky age 7 on the right play legos for HOURS. Here they are with their 23 layer “house” 🙂

What about GIRL LEGOS? My oldest daughter, Rhea (pronounced: Ray-uh) LOVES her friends legos. Here are just a few fun sets!

2) Nerf guns! Boys sure love these! They enjoy outside or inside shooting and sometimes the girls join in!

3) Dolls for girls. Oh my how my girls love their dolls! All three of them are usually walking around with at least one in their hands. Here are some of our favorite ones:

From left to right: Charis age 3, Chloe age 1 (almost 2) and Rhea age 9. These three play with their dolls everyday most of their playtime.

And you can’t forget doll accessories! 

4) Dress up! Have you ever read about all the benefits of “imaginative play”?! There are many. Our kids love to play house, cops and robbers, bad guys and good guys etc. Dress up is a must have!

5) Art stuff. It’s sad to think that art has been taken out of many schools! It is such a wonderful way for children to spend their time and express themselves. But just because many schools have removed it doesn’t mean we need to! Here are some great art gift ideas for your kiddos:

These coloring books almost got to be in their own category but I stuck them in with “art stuff”. We really like these! They’re so pretty you can laminate them and give them as gifts or even frame them. We also like to use them as notes to send to people for our insurance company payments!

6) FORT BUILDING SETS! Talk about hours of fun and imagination!

My kids build forts EVERY DAY. In fact we have a room full of couches that I let them go at it with and they build all sorts of crazy forts, but none compare to what can be built with these sets!

7) Games! Aren’t games wonderful? Such a great and fun way to have your kids spend time together and for you to spend time with your kids and friends when they come over! Here are some of our favorites:

8) Books. Do books classify as a toy? Well… they do in our house! My kids get super excited about books and it is definitely something we are happy that they enjoy! Here are some of our favorites:

Also, I found these devos for kids recently and they look super good!

9) Christian Audio . The kids love to listen to these while they do laundry 🙂 or while cleaning their room and especially for car rides! Not only are they fun to listen to but there is also a good lesson to be learned in each one and these can lead to great discussions! Our favorites are Adventures in Odyssey and Jonathan Parks!

10) Outdoor Stuff! One thing moms frequently say is: “Go outside!” It’s nice to have a few good and sturdy things that you can send your kids outside to! Here are some of the most popular ones from our home:

Whew! I think that’s it. Longest post ever! 🙂 Please share and save time and money with these 10 toys that are must-haves! And don’t forget to contact me if you share this post so you can be entered in a drawing to win my husband Scott’s book, Marriage God’s Way! We will announce the winner on November 30th!

What about you? Do you have the same must-haves in your home?

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7 thoughts on “The Ultimate Christmas Wishlist-10 Toys Your Kids Will Actually Still Be Playing With By Next Christmas!

  1. I agree with most of your list! My kids play Legos non-stop! And we love books. A library card is a necessary expense in our house. My kids don’t care for Adventures in Odyssey (and some of them have themes I don’t care for) but they LOVE Jonathon Park and be sure to check out the missionary stories of the Brinkman Adventures!


  2. Our list is similar:

    Legos (Emily also loves the “Lego Friends,” but I’ve had to be careful with some of the themes. Like “Pop Stars”? No thanks. She’s started her collection with some of the horse-related ones, though. And Colton is getting his first set (from the construction line) for Christmas this year.

    Books. We probably own 500 books. No joke. Many of them are boxed right now, but growing up in a family-owned bookstore, floor-to-ceiling bookshelves or the ability to build them will be a non-negotiable when we start house hunting!

    Dolls. And Barbies. I wasn’t big on Barbies, but we were gifted an AMAZING (like five feet tall) Barbie house and have been slowly (hard to find modest clothes) building our collection since. Back to dolls – we don’t have many. I think we have two baby dolls and two 18″ dolls. I prefer the idea of a couple of well-loved dolls than a pile of them, but we do have a lot of doll “STUFF.”

    Art supplies. And more art supplies. And random stuff that can be made into art supplies.

    Board games and puzzles.

    Audiobooks. We download them from the library a lot, but we also own a decent collection. Both kids are into the “Rush Revere” series right now, but they’ve been eager to listen through “grown up” stories, too. Some as long as ten or fifteen hours long (not all at once, of course). I think our favorite so far is “Ten Thousand Shall Fall.”

    And a farm. 🙂 Can’t forget the farm. We are more than happy to invest in things related to 4-H, rodeo, gardening, and farming in general.


  3. Oh! And I forgot to add that this year we are starting a tradition of buying our kids “tools” for their futures. For example, our almost-three year-old son this year is getting a REAL toolbox with a set of REAL screwdrivers, a bunch of random screws, and scraps of wood that daddy pre-drilled for him to tinker with. Our five year-old daughter is getting music lessons and her own cookbook with a couple of real utensils.


      1. She’s taking cello lessons from a teenager in the church. Professional lessons are not something we can budget for right now (and I don’t know that we would if we could, considering how young she is), so it’s a great opportunity for her to get started AND for the teen to gain some experience teaching. 🙂


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