Katie Answering Your Questions LIVE

Janell and I asked for your questions and here are the ones we received! Thank you to those who participated! Let us know if you have other questions you would like answered live. I had to do a separate post like this so I could share different things I referenced with each question.

1) Any tips on starting homeschooling with three littles and one that has an over abundance of energy? Ideas on how to keep littles busy and focused more than 30 seconds?

I didn’t share this in the video but these are my two favorite sets of videos that I have my little ones watching! I LOVE these dvds. One so simple and great for practical learning, the other so awesome for spiritual learning (seriously, I learn from this series every time the kids watch it). I sometimes let my three year old watch these when I am working with the older kids. Be sure to watch video at the bottom of post for my full answer!

2) Can you share favorite verses that keep you focused on the Lord throughout the day?

Psalm 73

Romans 12:2

Colossians 3

1 Corinthians 6:19-20

Colossians 1:9-14

3) Do you discipline your child differently when the rebellion gets worse after a new baby?

Watch video for answer on this one 🙂

4) Can you please help me? I’m looking for ways to start to becoming a Christian wife and I don’t know exactly where to start?

Here are my number one book recommendations!

Here are a couple of great sermons on marriage/being a Christian wife:

Voddie Baucham

Scott LaPierre (aka: my husband 🙂

Timothy Keller 

Here is a great series on marriage and family our church did a couple years ago!

5) Do you find it better to rotate the chores among the children, or have them responsible for the same chores for long periods of time?

Check out this video to see one of my ideas on how to schedule out chores and break up your day into 30 minute increments. I also can’t recommend THIS BOOK enough with practical help in running a home! Otherwise watch the video below for my full answer.

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