How Do I Get Quiet Time As A Busy Mama?

An eternally minded mama wrote in and asked: “Can you please tell me how you make time for God? I’m really wanting to spend 10-15 minutes a day reading The Word or having some quiet time. Problem is that I like to nap when my younger son is napping since he doesn’t sleep all night long yet.”

Great question! I recently spoke at our women’s conference and addressed this at the beginning of my message! Here is what I put:

Romans 10:17 tells us Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God.  This wonderful verse tells us what faith comes by! Simply put: from hearing the Word. Are you in the Word? I can tell you no one in this room is in the Word as much as they could be. Including me.  People assume: “Oh, she’s a pastor’s wife she’s downing in the Word all day long.” Nope. Being in the Word is a discipline.

I have met a few sisters who crave the Word day in and out but most sisters in Christ that I know just discipline themselves to be in it and that’s ok. Don’t feel bad if you aren’t constantly yearning for the Word. Certainly we can pray and ask God to give us that sort of heart but in reality we just need to do it. Don’t sit around and wait until you want to.  We need it and we don’t often crave what we need.

We need it to direct us, to convict us, to encourage us, to remind us AND we need it so that we can have more faith.

I want to also build up the mamas here with lots of littles like me. One way that I am getting the Word in daily is by doing a bible time with my kids every morning (see video below). I use a simple devo. From a booklet called “keys for kids” that is available online. And we also go over what I call our family goals that correspond with certain verses for that day. I am actually putting together a 31 day devo for mamas to do with their children from this family goal study I have created.

There are SO many options out there when it comes to how you will study and teach the Word with your children and if I have one piece of advice in regards to this it is: find something you like and stick with it. Faithfully read it to your kids and watch your faith AND your children’s faith grow! If you’re like me and up at night with a baby and pretty much want to go to sleep when your kids go to sleep, don’t fret about not having your “quiet time”. Don’t let people make you feel condemned because you don’t study the greek and hebrew. BUT I would say… get in the Word… everyday. However you can. Whenever you can. Don’t be afraid to even read the Word out loud with your children running around. It’s a wonderful thing for our children to see us reading the Word!

God wants you in the Word right? So pray to Him. Ask him for creative ways to get it in. We are really without excuse in this country. We’ve got like 5 million bibles available to us at all times…especially through the internet. Also remember, there is no ONE way to read the bible. For example, right now I am reading through the book of Colossians with some ladies that I meet with on Sunday. Sometimes it’s good to pick a book in the Word and plant yourself in it for a while. Time in the Word is not necessarily about quantity but quality (although God can use both) 🙂 If your mission is just to read the bible in a year just because you want to read the bible in a year, don’t expect much fruit. But if you are reading the Word with a desire to grow and know God better you can bet He will bless those intentions.

Faith comes by HEARING and HEARING by the Word of God. This means that there ain’t nothing wrong with listening to the bible too! There are videos on YouTube that read the bible and plenty of other sites that offer to read out loud to you as well. We have no excuse. Don’t make trusting God even harder than it already is because you’re not in the Word. Don’t wait for the perfect Pinterest moment to sit down and dive in. Just get the Word in when you can wherever you can and watch your faith grow.

Also, to this dear eternally minded mama that wrote and asked the question, you could certainly try to schedule in a 10-15 minute time alone! Things happen when we schedule them. What time do your children wake up? Get up 10-15 minutes before that? What time do they go to bed? Schedule in 10-15 minutes after that. Ask your husband to give you 10-15 minutes in the room alone (you could even set a timer). There is something wonderful about “quiet time” and 10-15 minutes shouldn’t be hard for any of us to get in. 

If you want to watch my message in it’s entirety you can do that here:

Also, feel free to check out the video below that is just a simple bible study I did with my kids one morning. This is what a typical bible study is like for us!

Here are some additional resources to check out!

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One thought on “How Do I Get Quiet Time As A Busy Mama?

  1. I struggle with this too. I need to get enough sleep so I can wake up and have that time with the Lord in his word. Reading it with your kids is so awesome though. Most days I don’t have a plan ( I want to work on this), but there is so much that can be talked about and prayed for from just reading a few verses with your kids.


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