About Katie

Katie LaPierre and family
Our most recent family picture! Noah, my little baby love, is 3 months old. My two boys in the front are Johnny on the left age 6 and Ricky on the right age 7. The two girls in the front are Rhea (pronounced: Ray-uh) age 9 and Charis age 3. My super cute husband is holding our 1 year old Chloe.

My name is Katie Jean LaPierre. I am the blessed pastor’s wife of Scott LaPierre and we have six little blessings that I have the privilege to mother day in and out. Scott recently authored a book, Marriage God’s Way, or here it is on Amazon. We live in Southwest Washington and love the PNW. I was born and raised in a small town in Northern California. My husband and I actually grew up in the same location. We became Christians after high school and reconnected only to marry each other 7 months later. He is a strong, wonderful leader to our family and the church. He pastors at Woodland Christian Church.

I have a burden on my heart to encourage mamas in their God-given calling. The world tries to tell us our calling is anything but good, worthy or enjoyable but with God’s help we can prove them wrong.

I pray this site can serve as a conduit of passion and joy for you in your mothering adventure as you seek to be eternally minded! When we set our minds on things above our earthly moments become so much grander and meaningful! All things, big or small, can be done for His glory.

It’s been said that I don’t know a stranger so grab your coffee, cuddle up on the couch and hang out with me.

I pray you are greatly encouraged mama! You are doing a mighty work for a mighty God.

You can also find me over at Frugally Minded Mamas where I love to blog about saving money for His glory and our families! My husband and I have been debt free for a few years off of one income and I love to inspire people to do the same!

“Whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord and not for men…” Colossians 3:23

Here I am with my newest little love: Noah Michael. I was pregnant with him in the picture above. Thank you Lord for your gifts.